Adopters #

We are frequently asked who is using of KWOK and how. We would like to share the list of adopters below.

Sharing experiences and learning from other users is essential.

Please consider adding yourself to the list of adopters, follow the example below to add.

# kwok.yaml
name: kwok # your organization or individual name
description: This is a new adopter template for others. # description of your use case
- wzshiming # your github username
- name:        # your link name
  url: # your link url

Create a pull request to add yourself.

List of adopters #

ClusterpediaWe import different versions of the kwok simulation cluster into clusterpedia for e2e testing@IceberClusterpedia E2E TestEdit
DaoCloud, Inc.DaoCloud uses KWOK to test their Kubernetes-based cloud platform, namely DaoCloud Enterprise@wzshimingDaoCloud Enterprise, CNCF Landscape, WebsiteEdit
HeadlampHeadlamp devs use kwok for load testing the Headlamp K8s UI@illumeHeadlamp Loading testing with kwokEdit
KnavigatorThe Knavigator project from NVIDIA uses KWOK to create virtual nodes for testing in kubernetes.@dmitshKnavigatorEdit
Multi-NIC CNIWe leverage kwok to perform scalability test on a kind cluster and push to GitHub CI Actions for Multi-NIC operator@sunya-chMulti-NIC CNI E2E Test, Blog postEdit