Documentation #

This document provides details on how to contribute to the documentation.

Our docs are built with hugo just like We provide a makefile for development that uses hugo.

Directory Structure #

  • site
    • content - Markdown content source
      • en
        • docs
          • contributing - Contributing documentation
          • design - Design documentation
          • user - User documentation
        • menu - Left navigation menu
        • posts - Blog posts
    • static - Static assets

Creating a new page #

To create a new page, create a new markdown file under the appropriate directory, and add a link to it in the appropriate menu.

Building #

For simple content changes you can also just edit the markdown sources and send a pull request. A build preview will be created and reply on your pull request.

For more involved documentation development, you can run make -C site serve from the kwok repository to run a local instance of the documentation, browsable at http://localhost:1313.