Configuration #

This document walks you through how to configure kwok/kwokctl options.

Getting Started #

To configure, you will need to create a YAML configuration file. This file follows Kubernetes conventions for versioning etc.

A minimal valid config file looks like this:

kind: KwokConfiguration
kind: KwokctlConfiguration

This config specifies that we are configuring kwok/kwokctl and that the version of the config we are using is v1alpha1 (apiVersion:

Different versions may support different options and behaviors, which is why we must always specify the version. This mechanism is inspired by Kubernetes resources and component config.

To use this config, place the contents in a file ~/.kwok/kwok.yaml or run the command with --config=kwok.yaml from the same directory.

The structure of the Configuration type is defined by a Go struct, which is described here.

A Note on CLI Flags, Environment Variables, and Configuration Files #

Uses the following precedence order. Each item takes precedence over the item below it:

  1. flags specified on the command line
  2. environment variables (with the prefix KWOK_)
  3. values specified in the configuration file --config=
  4. basic configuration file ~/.kwok/kwok.yaml
  5. default values

Using kwok #

When using kwok, it takes its configuration from the configuration file and ignores all other configurations.

Using kwokctl #

When using kwokctl, it takes its configuration from the configuration file and passes the configuration file to kwok.