`kwok` in Cluster

Deploy kwok in a Cluster #

This document walks you through how to deploy kwok in a Kubernetes cluster.

Variables preparation #

# KWOK repository
# Get latest
KWOK_LATEST_RELEASE=$(curl "https://api.github.com/repos/${KWOK_REPO}/releases/latest" | jq -r '.tag_name')

Deployment kwok and set up CRDs #

kubectl apply -f "https://github.com/${KWOK_REPO}/releases/download/${KWOK_LATEST_RELEASE}/kwok.yaml"

Set up default CRs of Stages (required) #

NOTE: This configures the pod/node emulation behavior, if not it will do nothing.
kubectl apply -f "https://github.com/${KWOK_REPO}/releases/download/${KWOK_LATEST_RELEASE}/stage-fast.yaml"

Old way to deploy kwok #

Old way to deploy kwok is here.

Next steps #

Now, you can use kwok to manage nodes and pods in the Kubernetes cluster.