kwokctl Admission #

This document walks you known about kubernetes admission in kwokctl.

What is Admission #

Kubernetes provides a mechanism called admission controller to intercept requests to the Kubernetes API server prior to persistence of the object, but after the request is authenticated and authorized. There are two special controllers: MutatingAdmissionWebhook and ValidatingAdmissionWebhook. These two controllers call out to a webhook service to do some processing.

Enable Admission #

Admission is enabled by default. but prior to v0.3.0, that is disabled by default (excluding kind).

Use --kube-admission=true or --kube-admission=false to enable or disable admission when creating a cluster.

If you are creating a cluster with kube version < 1.21, then authorization also needs to be enabled.

Webhook Configuration #

In Binary #

All components run using local binary, you need to use to access the webhook service on the host.

In Docker/Podman/Nerdctl #

All components run in containers, you need to use the service name of the network to access the webhook service on the container.

In Kind #

All components run in kind cluster, just like general kubernetes cluster.