`kwokctl` Manage Clusters

Create a Cluster with kwokctl #

This document walks you through how to run kwokctl to manage fake clusters.

Install kwokctl #

Install kwokctl in your environment.

Create a Cluster #

Let’s start by creating a cluster

$ kwokctl create cluster --name=kwok
kwokctl create cluster
Creating cluster "kwok-kwok"
Starting cluster "kwok-kwok"
Cluster "kwok-kwok" is ready
You can now use your cluster with:

    kubectl config use-context kwok-kwok

Thanks for using kwok!

And then we switch the context

kubectl config use-context kwok-kwok

Subsequent usage is just like any other Kubernetes cluster

Get Clusters #

Get the clusters managed by kwokctl

$ kwokctl get clusters

Delete a Cluster #

$ kwokctl delete cluster --name=kwok
Stopping cluster "kwok-kwok"
Deleting cluster "kwok-kwok"
Cluster "kwok-kwok" deleted

Next steps #

Now, you can use kwok to manage nodes and pods in the Kubernetes cluster.